Down South Wines



      Down South Wines成立于2000年,目标是在自己的酒厂内创造出具有艺术品风格的精品型葡萄酒。于是,这个事业就在世界著名的酿酒区,西澳洲玛嘉烈河Willyabrup悄然展开。酒厂严格筛选玛嘉烈河及西南地区符合标准的葡萄;所有葡萄酒都能够显出玛嘉烈河的风味;灌瓶后直接运到亚洲市场。 

Down South Wines was founded in 2000 on a philosophy of producing only premium ‘variedly correct’ wines exclusively at our state-of-the-art winey, in the world renowned Willyabrup region of Margaret River in Western Australia. We select and vintner only the intense luscious fruit from Margaret River and adjacent premium South West regions, as such filling what is perceived to be a niche in the Asian export market for fine Margaret River wine

       玛嘉烈河的葡萄酒产量占全国 2%,高质量葡萄酒则占10% ,显而易见,玛嘉烈河是全国最重要的高质量葡萄酒产区。再加上葡萄酒有灵性,稳定的质量,务实的内涵,成为市场上最具实力的竞争者。玛嘉烈河被印度洋三面包围,属于典型的地中海式气候,冬雨夏干,栽种葡萄的环境近乎完美,再配合特有的土壤,无葡萄根瘤芽虫的灾害,如此组合创造得天独厚的条件,世界一级的葡萄酒就是这样诞生! 

   Three hours drive south of Perth in Western Australia lies the picturesque region of Margaret River. It’s the home to world class wineries and restaurants, many of them dedicated to catering to the tourism industry. With a beautiful Mediterranean climate, this former dairy dominated countryside has given way to pursuits of the grape.  

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